Daily News photo renews drone feud between L.I. teen, Rikers big


The 15-year-old Long Island neighbor of a top city jail official is in trouble with the law — for turning on his drone so a Daily News photographer could take a picture.

Shea Delgado was summoned to a Nassau County police station and given a desk appearance ticket on Monday, after cops accused him of violating a judge’s order to stop flying the device over Shirvahna Gobin’s home.

“I could barely speak when the officers asked me why I was there,” his upset mother, Debbie Delgado, 53, said.

Rikers big probe for using officers in feud with teen neighbor

Gobin, 37, who makes $ 187,000 a year as deputy commissioner of strategic planning and management, is under investigation for ordering up a team of specialized on-duty jail officers to protect her home, according to multiple sources. The day-long security detail last month was immediately yanked when acting Correction Commissioner Cynthia Brann discovered it, a department spokesman said.

Michael Mirotznik, the Delgado family’s lawyer, said he was contacted by a Department of Investigation prober on Monday.

The neighbors’ dispute began in April, when Shea flew his drone, a Christmas present, over Gobin’s house.

Gobin called the police to complain. She also launched a petition to ban drones over personal property and filed a grievance with the FAA and other authorities.

The cops have been called to the Delgado home at least 14 times, according to neighbors.

Shirvahna Gobin, 37, is under investigation for ordering officers to provide security outside her home in Bellmore, L.I.

Shirvahna Gobin, 37, is under investigation for ordering officers to provide security outside her home in Bellmore, L.I.

(Courtesy of Department of Corrections)

The feud escalated on July 19 when Shea and his father were arrested after Gobin complained to officers who ordered the teen to stop flying the drone.

Shea — who has a near-perfect attendance record at school and no criminal past — was charged with damaging Gobin’s security camera by spraying water on it. He was ordered to pay $ 189 for a new camera and to complete 18 hours of community service.

The judge also ordered him to stop flying the drone.

Shea briefly turned it on when describing the ordeal to a photographer for the Daily News on Aug. 17.

Police issued him a desk appearance ticket and he’s now set to appear before the judge on Wednesday.

“Clearly taking a picture for a Daily News photographer shouldn’t violate the spirit of the judge’s order,” said the boy’s lawyer. “This young man had no intention to flout the court’s order.”

Separately, Shea’s father, Ron Delgado, 53, was charged with harassing and stalking Gobin. He strenuously denies the allegations in the pending case.

“This is all so crazy,” said Debbie Delgado. “I can’t wait until she moves out.”

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