5 ways to cut your expenses, money saving tips

5 ways to cut your expenses, money saving tips

1. If you have any subscriptions you do not use, cancel them. For example, you have a money saving tipssubscription to a magazine or a service such as Netflix or Hulu? Certainly if you do not use your full subscription there is no point in paying more. This is an easy money saving tips. The same principle applies to your memberships. Do you have the cable? The cable is expensive for many people. In addition we are living the era of communication and you can find a lot of media on the internet that offer free to watch programs, entertainment. YouTube offers a growing variety of programs in all genres.

Money saving tips

2. Here it is about power optimization variable expenses. Such as the phone bill, your car insurance or groceries and gas. You can try to reduce your car insurance or reducing your phone bill half. You can also try to reduce your food expenses with a low cost, discount supermarket. To find food or health helping you save money and increase your purchasing power. Get your free report here! Click here.

3. Regularly we make purchases of materials, products that we use very little time. They are mainly used to dust. It is time to attics and finding those little treasures that you can sell on Ebay or Amazon or Craigslist. You certainly do not need these clothes that no longer serve you or this electrical equipment cluttering your closet! This computer, this camera can be recycled.

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Your friends love your money saving tips! 

4.There are stores which take a little while what they are given. Cheap trinkets that everyone can buy. Game cartridges, CDs, magazines, musical instruments, smartphones … The list is long and yet you are given money upon receipt of your goods. Often called pawn shops, they are very practical if you want to get money fast. Your friends will appreciate doing business with you they are your good pals! Yes, you can sell your old mobile phone / smartphone to your friend, or that handbag that you no longer use, or this mixer that clutters you more than anything else and that will delight your friend. Remember to post your ads on social networks like facebook or any important social media. Future moms will be needed clothes for babies and children. Be creative!

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Get rid of your clothes (sell them) with this money saving tips!

5.Often empty granaries are organized by districts, municipalities. The principle is simple, just to get rid of those items that are no longer used at home!
You can organize a clothing swap with friends or people you do not know in your area. People visiting your sales room must pay an entrance fee. This money saving tips is really simple. You simply charge the entrance fee. Thus these people will also sell their clothes property. This is a simple idea that brings together friends, family, acquaintances, and allow you to make money to supplement your purposes.

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