7 ways for your money saving tips












7 ways for your money saving tips


7 ways for your money saving tips

1.Make a budget

First you need to be able to comprehensively synthesize your budget. Establish priorities in your budget. A budget is essential to the balance of your financial situation. This is very important because you understand where your money goes. Therefore with this money saving tips it will be easier to reduce your bills depending on your budget.


2.Cook your lunch

It is recommended to save through the preparation of your meals from home. Prepare your lunch from home to eat during your lunch break is a formidable way to save. You do not have the time? Try to share a simple idea with your office colleagues, every week, each of you brings a lunch to share with the colleague that you choose. Choose a day in the week!

7 ways for your money saving tips Cook your lunch

3.Buy second hand products

Many people run after new products! It’s up to you to try the right-hand products. You can find rare pearls on Ebay or Craigslist. You will find products that have little served and you will make significant savings on the long term. As soon as you implement this money saving tips you will love to buy second hand products more often. By the way you can have for free the blog profits report, just click here! you will learn how to make money on internet.

7 ways for your money saving tips buy second hand product

4.Drive less and bike more (good health habit)!

Maintain good health is fundamental for ourselves, when we drive less we care more about the environment and we save money. You go to work by car, too far away to use your bike? In this case, make the bike to do your errands. Thus you will save on gas expenses for your car. You’ll be better shape with more energy and healthy! On a round trip of ten miles, cyclists save around $10 a day.

7 ways for your money saving tips Benefits of Cycling Infographic

5. Reduce spending your subscriptions

It’s time to regain control on your subscriptions!
You can now call your cable and negotiating the price of your service on television as on the internet. If your classic audiovisual subscriptions are too expensive it is best to use a service like Netflix or Hulu. However, if it turns out that you have all these subscriptions, you should choose the option that suits you best. Just as in summer, use a fan instead of air conditioning. Remember to turn off the lights! and unplug the appliances you are not using.

7 ways for your money saving tips reduce your subscriptions

6.Save your pennies! before spending

Oh yes! Old as the world, think about you (your family, your loved ones ..) before spending. Try to put 10% of your savings in salary in a bank account dedicated solely to your savings. You can ask your bank to set up a monthly transfer to the account you choose to make your savings. Start with 10% of saving and gradually increase to 15% then 20% then 25% each month.

7 ways for your money saving tips save before spending

7.Money does not buy happiness ?!

Money does not buy happiness but it helps greatly.  When the pockets are empty, often thoughts are oriented on the lack. That’s why it’s important to save in order to face potential hard knocks of life. Your lifestyle will not affect much to the contrary, the more you learn to master your expenses and better you will be in your head, and so spend wisely. With good money saving tips you learn to be happy all the time!

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