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Lucy Alexis Liu (Lucy Lui chinese name is Yu Ling: 刘玉玲) is an American actress who has a fortune of $16 million. She receives $130,000 per episode. She was born December 2, 1968 in Queens, New York.

A milestone in his early career she won a supporting role in a school production in Alice in Wonderland. She passed the auditions and was successful in receiving the lead. Her last year at the University of Michigan was very well.

Just like Brian Austin Green, Lucy Liu starred in the series Beverly Hills, 90210. In the early (90) she played there the role of a waitress in the bar, Peach Pit, that skirted the characters of the series.

Rich People Lucy Liu movie star

Lucy Alexis Liu


Lucy Liu had success with several of her film roles. Notably in 1996 she can be found alongside Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. She endorsed a bit more notoriety, and she benefits more important roles and her star status changed. The film City of Industry in 1997 with Harvey Keitel emphasizes her acting capacity to the world. Lucy Liu played also in TV series that were very trends. Such as, Pearl (with Rhea Perlman) The X-Files, COACH, ER.

Lucy Liu played a role in the movie Guy, a 1996 film, also in Gridlock in 1997. Lucy did not have the role of Nelle Porter. However, David E. Kelley (creator of Ally Mc Beal) retained her passage. Later he offered her a character he created especially for Lucy. A great choice of David E. Kelley because Lucy Liu won an Emmy Award for Best Actress in Ally Mc Beal.

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Lucy Lui Actress, Artist and Ambassador

Hollywood, media, talked more about her, many more proposals cinema multiply. Lucy is part of the cast in the film Payback Brian Helgeland in 1999 next to Mel Gibson having the lead role. She can be found all dressed in leather, in a domineering role in a hotel room.

Lucy Liu was able to play in other movies and TV series such as, Dirty Sexy Money, Kung Fu Panda, Mulan 2, Kill Bill 1 and 2 of Quentin Tarantino. Shanghai Noon, Charlie’s Angel and many other films. Recently she played in Elementary her new series on TV.  She has been on Broadway for the play “God of Carnage”. Moreover she is a confirmed artist who has exhibited in the most renowned galleries such as Los Angeles, New York, London. You can find her artwork by clicking here. She is also Ambassador to UNICEF for humanitarian causes.

Lucy Liu Artist

Is Lucy Lui gay ?

Many people wants to know if Lucy Lui gay or not. Cecilia Lui and Tom Lui, Lucy Lui’s parents, came from Beijin and Shanghai, would perhaps be surprised as they are from tradition culture countries.. But Lucy Lui is not gay, she supports marriage equality. Eventhough she already kissed a woman, she said she’s not gay.

Lucy Lui her new role: mother!

In August 2015 Lucy said on her twitter account and instagram: “Introducing the new little man in my life, my son, Rockwell Lloyd Liu. In Love “she’s a very proud mother of little Lloyd Rockwell Liu. Indeed, she has published some pictures showing her child on social networks.

Moreover, her spokesman relayed the information in a statement, saying that Lucy Lui is a proud mother of Liu Lloyd Rockwell; Who came into the world with the help of a surrogate mother.

We can see in the video below Lucy Liu Welcomes a Baby Boy Via Surrogate! by Entertainment Television (ET).