Rich People Evan Spiegel

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel caused a sensation upon entering the top Forbes 400 for the first time this year. (2015) Bobby Murphy co-founder of Snapchat is also honored to celebrate their entry into the Top 400 Forbes among the 25 new entrants.

Evan Spiegel is considered by Forbes magazine as the youngest billionaire in the world. At 25 the CEO of Snapchat have a fortune of $2.1 billion (NZ $ 3.3b).

Recall that holds 13% of Forbes and Bobby Murphy Snapchat 11% on Evan Spiegel he figures within his company. Many investors around the world who have invested over $1 billion to enhance Snapchat 15 billion.

Rich People Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel CEO of Snapchat

Evan Spiegel founder of Snapchat



Evan Spiegel in Love with Miranda Kerr

Evan Spiegel has the wind in its sails! Miranda Kerr as the famous and wealthy supermodel (Victoria’s Secret) 32 year old mom who had a son with actor Orlando Bloom (Lords of the Rings). Miranda was photographed by paparazzi in the company of CEO Snapchat. They are a couple, Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr live love Geek .. The serenity Miranda, has a spiritual practice Nichiren Buddhism should help this young couple face the vagaries of life ..

Evan Spiegel in love with Miranda Kerr

Snapchat Birthday

The fourth anniversary of Snapchat was celebrated recently. The cake bearing the image of ghost Snapchat logo was at the party! Evan Spiegel says it has withdrawn some of its shares in the company. He hopes that in future his company will open to the public, therefore it can make more money. His fortune is mainly related to shares held in the company.

Evan Spiegel appears at number 327 of the list of richest people, and Bobby Murphy co-founder at number 375 (Forbes list) for $1.8 billion. Forbes has a list of the richest Americans. Microsoft founder Bill Gates ranks first at $76 billion. Followed by Warren Buffet with $62 billion. This list of Forbes 400, haS a “top 5”, we note that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos CEO reaches the 4th place with $47 billion.

He grew up in Los Angeles and he would perhaps never imagined his future when he went to Stanford University to study design engineering product. But he missed his final year of studies as it was absorbed by its project we know to date, Snapchat!

Snapchat Evan Spiegel

Snapchat Application

Snapchat is an application that is known worldwide and is one of the applications to possess in his smartphone, tablet .. Many innatendus environments that exploit the power of Snapchat and pays this application. Teenagers as well as adults entering the workforce its assets with this application. An application (free) to stay in contact with friends, take pictures, videos, track information of the best crispy rumors of their favorite stars!

snapchat application

A quick video with Miranda Kerr and her boyfriend Evan Spiegel [Snapchat Founder] PDA w/ Miranda Kerr by TMZ!